Admissions & Registration Information

The Diocese of Fall River announced that Holy Family Holy Name School and St. James St. John School will merge into a new school at the end of this school year, building on the strengths of the two New Bedford elementary schools. 

The consolidated school, yet to be named, will serve an estimated 300 students and will reside on the St. James St. John campus on Orchard Street in New Bedford. A middle school serving the combined schools will be established in the Kennedy Youth Center, located behind the St. James St. John building, and is slated to receive major renovations and upgrades. 

We encourage all families to apply early to attend this new school.  Scholarships of up to $2000 per year are available and applications are due by March 11th and can be completed using this year’s school name. 

To enroll your child in this exciting new school, please call Cristina Viveiros-Serra at (508) 996-0534 or Deacon Peter Schutzler at (508) 993-3547.

NEW Families: Apply for Admission Here
Please note the current application form still has the SJSJ school name on it, but it is the correct application for the newly merged school.

CURRENT Families:  You should have received information re: re-enrollment for the newly merged school for this upcoming fall.

Tuition & Fees: The 2022-2023 fees have not been confirmed yet, but you can view the current 2021-2022 tuition & fee schedule for the current school year here.

Parish Subsidy: Parents who enroll their child in the school of any Catholic parish may request financial assistance from their home parish. If you request and receive this financial assistance, we will deduct $300 per child from your total tuition.  Please fill out this form for the 2022-2023 school year.

We invite you to check back often on the progress of our renovations as we will post them on all of our social media.  

You will have an opportunity to participate in the naming of the new school.  Please stay tuned for more information on this process!

For more information, please go to