Grade 6 Links

Suggested Websites for grade 6:

English & Math:
Sadlier Connect (ELA & Math)

Religion Book:
Sadlier Connect (Religion)

Social Studies – Gr. 6

Ancient Civilizations for Kids

Just Curious: Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilization Day Life

Free Video Clips of Ancient Civilizations

Mr. Donn – website with information/resources for Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilization Virtual Museum

Ancient Rome Online Activities

Ancient Rome – The Romans

Ancient Egyptian Life

Interactive Ancient Greece

The Lascaux Cave – Museum of a cave that contains Prehistoric pictures

Science & Nature – Prehistoric Life (Games and Quizzes)

A study of Ancient Egypt, Greece, & Rome (Interesting Facts about these Civilizations)

Science – Gr. 6

Geology for Kids  (information & games)

Making Volcanoes – Discovery Kids

Selected Earth Science Websites

Earthquakes for Kids

Exploratorium Faultline

Tour of Geological Timeline

Astronomy for Kids

Earth Science Explore – Student Entrance

Great Websites for Kids to Explore Over the Summer

Before you head out to the internet, please check out these safety tips!

 Cool Science Sites:

 Cool Social Studies Sites:

 Cool Religion Sites:

 Cool Math Sites:

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