Prayerline List

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“Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.”
Philippians 4:6

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We begin each school year with a new prayerline list.
Please submit a name via this form and it will be added to this page.
Thank you.

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters by remembering the following people in your daily prayers:

Eneida Gonzalez
Anita Brown
Scottie William
Joan Halter
Gerry and Helen Riding
Joe David
Baby Owen
Seline O’Leary
Natalie Hoyle
M/M Richard Riley
Sr Eleanor
Lou Kaeterle
M/M Ray Sylvia
M/M Ronald Sylvia
Antonio Pereira
Denise Mendonca
M/M Gerry Riding
Msgr Harrington
Betsy Barclay
M/M Ouellette
Fr Driscoll
Chris Styger
M/M Bill Ashworth
Fr Stan Kolasa
Irene Harnois
John Mahan
Kathy Harmon
Dolores Vasconcellos
Rosemary Gonneville
Lisa Dumont
Robert Carey
Tony Cardello
Monica Sylvia
Special Intention
Colette Miller
Joan Gibson
Corrine Lebeau
John Murphy
Sr Mary Margaret
Steve Hebert
Paul Morrison
Alia Moujabber
Dan Felix
Mary Vitaygliano
Special Intention
Lillian Gracia
Dotty Lynch
Ann Cafferty
Elaine Guay
Maureen Keenan
Terry Breton
Jeanne Frates
Alda Raulino
Dot Curry
Jodie Estrella
Cheryl Cabral
Mary O’Connell
Diana Henry
Irene Beauregard
Julie Pires
Christine Kruger
Helen Burt
Fr. Rick Breton
William Snipes
Lou Vital
M/M John Sweeney
Jeanne Frates

For our Seminarians: Eric, Alex, Bill, Daniel, Dexter, Saia

For our Beloved Deceased:
Soul of Bill Ashworth
Soul of Monsignor Thomas J. Harrington
Soul of Thomas Sweeney
Soul of Julia Macaluso
Soul of Maria de Sousa
Soul of William Snipes
Soul of Yvette Vaudry
Soul of Celestina Pacheco
Soul of Joe Estererio
Soul of Margaret Le Fever
Soul of Tina Fox
Soul of Christopher Snipes
Soul of Elaine Costa
Soul of Katherine Eastman
Soul of Rita Costa
Soul of Michael Tremblay
soul of Theresa Pawelcyk
Soul of Gilbert Brightman
Soul of Leighton Tripp
soul of Carol Perez
Soul of David Vital
Soul of Mrs Brown
soul of Victoria Varieur
Soul of Helen Brune
Soul of Beatrice Duarte
soul of Mrs Antil
Soul of Connie Cyr
Soul of Vivian Olveiira
Soul of Alberto Ventura
Soul of Nicole Podkowa
Soul of Thomas A. Amaral, Sr.
Soul of Arthur Vasconcellos
Soul of Catherine Louise Whalen
Souls of Jeffrey & Jason Nightlinger
Soul of Belmira (Amaral) Costa
Soul of John Kane