Safety & Security

Children learn, grow and thrive when their environment is a safe, secure and loving one. At Holy Family Holy Name  School, the safety and security of all our students is of the utmost importance to us.

With a state-of-the-art video monitoring system, our school ensures that visitors coming to our facility are given access to the building only after being identified by office personnel. Cameras placed at every entrance allow our staff to monitor the comings and goings of our school community.

Safety protocols are a key component of our daily operations. Visitors to HFHN gain entrance by the main door on North Street, then proceed to the office to sign in with our receptionist. Likewise, our student arrival and dismissal procedures have been carefully designed to ensure the safety and supervision of our children when entering and leaving school grounds.

Our school is required by federal law to have a plan in place to protect the health and safety of students, teachers and other occupants of our building from asbestos-containing materials. We wish to inform you that our facility has been inspected and is in compliance with federal regulations regarding asbestos.
The AHERA Management Plan is available in our school office should you want to review it.

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