“On Saturday, June 3, 2017, my grandson graduated from Holy Family Holy Name. Obviously as family, his mother, his younger sister and we as grandparents were so proud of him. As his grandfather, observing from the altar of St. Lawrence Martyr Church, I reminisced about how he ran and jumped into my arms when I picked him up on that first day of first grade. Eight years later, all of us agree there could not have been a better fit for our grandson than HFHN. As a Catholic family, it was important to us that our grandson not only learn about our Catholic beliefs but that he would experience what living a faith-filled life means. From the beginning we knew he was in a safe and caring environment where the staff and teachers wanted the children to not only succeed academically, but went above and beyond to ensure that the entire child was developing. The HFHN academic program, the teachers, extended care with so many wonderful people helping, after school activities, communications, the front office with an outstanding principle, and of course the transmission of the Catholic faith, never once left us questioning our decision of choosing HFHN for our grandson. Now his younger sister after enjoying her time in P3 and P4 will be entering Kindergarten this September. Thank you to Miss Felix the principle and to all those who make HFHN the premier example of how a primary Catholic school should function.” ~ Deacon David Murphy, Marsha, Megan, Billy & Sophia

“In the heart of New Bedford, a hidden rare diamond sits quietly.  Nestled in the midst of homes and businesses and surrounded by busy streets, Holy Family Holy Name School waits to be discovered.  This bright New Bedford diamond shines its light to all who enter its doors.  Love and warmth beam from every corner of the building.  Instantaneously, you recognize the awesomeness within this school and without a doubt you know that God’s hands created it.

Four months ago, my family and I discovered Holy Family Holy Name School.  Upon entering the building on the first day of school, I breathed a hugh sigh of relief and shed grateful tears.  In that instance, I knew God placed us at this school and, to me, it was a miracle.  After that unforgettable moment, I recall asking my son how his first day was and he replied, “Mommy, it was good.  Actually, it was amazing.  I love this school.”  Of course, more grateful tears stung my eyes.

As a single mother, the weight of my children’s world remains solely on my shoulders, yet Holy Family Holy Name School relieved some of that weight.  The faculty nourishes my children’s intellects, but most notably, they nourish my children’s souls.  I have witnessed my children morph into caring, kind, and compassionate little beings.  By example, they have learned the importance of helping and giving.  The teachers teach extraordinarily well, but they love better.

Coincidence is not the reason my family and I discovered Holy Family Holy Name School.  God is the reason.  God’s hands created it, His love lives in it, and He brought us to it.  And, I am so grateful He did.” ~ Trisha C. – HFHN Parent

“We are what you have made us and we know you made us well.  For you have taught us how to live, not just to add and spell.” ~ Susan C. – HFHS Class of 1958

“The reason I sent my child to Holy Family Holy Name is not only for the strong academic curriculum the school offers but the feeling of a community united to teach our children the values to grow as a person who gives back to the community as well as the building blocks they need to achieve their goals later on in life.  Thank you to all the faculty and staff at HFHN!” ~ Anna B. – HFHN Parent

“I love Holy Family Holy Name School because I have a nice teacher, good principal, nice and fun friends, we do fun things, and last but not least, we PRAY.” ~ Aliya – HFHN Student

“I want to learn to be a follower of Jesus” ~ Erin E. – HFHN Student

“I love HFHN because I can express my faith openly and no one will judge me.” ~ Amanda R. ~ HFHN Student